Installation instructions for nc5ng-python

System Installation

nc5ng offers common installation options for python distributions


It is recommended to use a python virtual environment (virtualenv) to install this package and dependencies. Installing directly to a system python distribution can break certain system packages.


  • Python 3.x - pip and virtualenv (Recommended)
  • Fortran (gfortran)
  • GMT (4.x-6.x)
  • GMT/Python (Optional) - GMT6.0 Required for ``GMT/Python``(Development Release Only)

Python Package Index

Released versions of nc5ng can be installed directly from the PyPi by using pip

pip install nc5ng

Specific versions can be installed by specifying nc5ng==VERSION

Development Versions

pip can be used to install development versions of python packages by specifying the git repository, including branch or commit

pip install -U git+git://
pip install -U git+git://

Local Copies can be installed in editable mode for development

git clone
pip install -U -e ./nc5ng-python

Docker Deployment

Docker images are provided to use nc5ng through container virtualization.

Pre-configured images are available from the nc5ng-docker project (Dockerhub), and base images with gmt tools are available from the gmt-docker project (Dockerhub).

For convenience, the docker image nc5ng/nc5ng contains a pre-compiled conversion for testing.

For more information on deployment and use please see the docker project pages.


  • docker
  • docker-compose (Optional)

Install Conversion Data

Raw Source data is provided directly from the nc5ng-core package. However conversion data must either be built or downloaded seperately.

Conversion data are released publically on the nadcon5-ng github or upstream via National Geodetic Survey. For compilation please see the source library docs , project homepage, and github

Conversion data can be placed anywhere and is referenced by configration arguments used to load data.